Visa Support Letters

Some visitors to the US may require a visa to enter the country. For information related to visa requirements to enter the US please consult US Visas page of the US Deparment of State.

If you are an author of an accepted paper (at CSF or an affiliated workshop), you may request a visa support letter immediately.

Non-author attendees may request a visa support letter after registering for the conference and/or workshop(s) through the registration page: no invitation letter will be issued until your registration has been completed, processed and paid in full, and any discounts have been verified.

Please contact Stephen Chong to request a visa support letter and provide:

Important notice: if you require a visa support letter and you are not verifiably affiliated to any academic institution (as an academic or a PhD student) please contact us before registering, as we want to be sure your application is genuine. If you don't contact us beforehand and you register and we are not satisfied your registration is genuine, we will not write a support letter and will not refund the registration fees.

Please note that CSF 2017 will not refund attendees due to visa issues.

For further enquiries or information, please contact Pedro Adão.